Catartsys Entertainment is an indie french studio founded by experienced IT professionals converted into the video game industry.

We create video games and offer services in this field.

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What We Can Do

  • Getting involved in your creative process ?
    Yes we can ! We love that and will gladly accompany you in this quest, should we follow your specifications or promote new ideas to help you.

    3D Modeling

    You are in for some high quality models !

    We produce industry-standard quality meshes for either static or animated objects.

    If needed, we'll get you a nicely refined UV unwrap with it :)


    What good is an unwrap if we don't get you the textures for it ?

    For your realistic or fancier artistic direction, we'll provide you with high quality maps.

    We can make it PBR if such is your desire and even give away the Substance painter project file !

    2D Works

    In need of 2D work ? We can help !

    Image compositing, photos editing or vectorized artworks: make your choice :)
  • As passionate, nimble and result driven game developers, we are able to intervene at several stages of a game development whether it is related to the artistic pipeline or purely technical.

    Visuals Effects

    Games without VFX ? Of course you don't want that !
    We'll produce highly customisable VFX for Unity, using every option available (C#, Shaders, Particles: you name it)
    Either with the packed Unity Shader Graph or the flaming Amplify Shader Editor (ASE), we can shape a shader to suit your specs !


    The magic of procedurals modeling is at your doorstep ! :)

    With the help of the powerful software Houdini, we ease the creation process of assets.

    C# Development

    We can perform high-level design and/or coding portions of a project.

    It include tests, integrations, writes, troubleshoots, debugs.